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The Northland: Outstanding Communities within a Region of Promise

Starting next door to Kansas City’s dynamic downtown and new entertainment district, the Northland also encompasses rolling farmland, the region’s two largest airports and hundreds of beautiful developments where businesses and families thrive. Kansas City’s Northland truly offers major advantages for both businesses and residents of almost every description.

This geographically diverse area boasts some of the largest parks in the region, including the huge Smithville Lake. Small towns offer distinct personalities and lifestyles lost in many parts of the country. Urban living, luxury developments and historic homes are all here. The outstanding highway network means travel for work, pleasure and even international distribution is far above average.

• Parks, trails, lakes and green spaces, including the largest lake in metropolitan Kansas City

• The largest airports in the region, including Kansas City International and the region's corporate jet center, Downtown Airport

• Historical sites and state parks

• Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun

• Wide range of youth athletic organizations and facilities.

• Modern hospitals and health centers

• Award winning public and private golf courses

• Community centers, ice arenas, water parks and modern athletic complexes

• Entertainment destinations with shopping, fine dining, arts and theaters

• Modern hospitals as well as medical centers featuring multiple specialties

• Churches and worship centers

• Outstanding libraries and other amenities

Other features just minutes away

• Major league sports, including football, baseball, soccer and NASCAR

• World famous art galleries, performing arts and cultural attractions

• Major national and international markets; numerous corporate centers and headquarters

• Major nexus for air and surface transportation, including international trade routes.

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